PNG Recruitment Specialist


We specialize in the recruitment and management of expat personnel for businesses operating in Papua New Guinea. Managing all your recruitment, travel, visa and work permit requirements through our recruitment and migration specialists located in PNG and Australia. Our dedicated team of professionals support locally based companies and internationally recognized business brands.

If you are traveling to Papua New Guinea for work, business, study or tourism purposes you must have an entry permit/Visa to enter the country. Visas can be obtained for single or multiple entries depending on your needs.

Work permits are non-transferable and are issued to a specific employer, for a specific task to a specific person.  In order to work in PNG you need both a work permit and a visa. We recommend you allow 6 weeks processing time for new work permits and renewals.

To submit an application a police clearance and a medical report is required including an AIDS test and chest ex-ray for Tuberculosis. With a full curriculum vitae including references from previous employers and copies of your qualifications, fees apply.

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