Unique Project Solutions offers a wide range of services including business improvement, project management, software products and investment capital. Through our business improvement division we will determine where your business needs to be streamlined in order to increase productivity and profit. Our project management services provide the perfect mix of experience, technical excellence and talent to effectively plan, manage and deliver projects. If you require investment capital for a project or business expansion our company is able to provide suitable investors. We are also able to find and implement software products that will meet your specific requirements to streamline business processes.

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Our risk management consultants provide practical advice to helps organizations reduce their risk exposure. Facilitating discussions through a collaborative process,…

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  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Our project management expertise helps clients to envision their goals and meet today’s challenges by transforming ideas into action. We…

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  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning

    Our strategic planning services provide increased project visibility, accountability and management control to deliver the desired outcome. With primavera schedules that…

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  • Portfolio Management

    Portfolio Management

    Our portfolio management services assist clients to make informed investment decisions, as we provide the overall planning picture. Through effective…

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  • Project Governance

    Project Governance

    We work with organizations to develop project governance frameworks, so businesses can execute and mange projects to an agreed standard…

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  • Construction Management

    Construction Management

    Clients turn to us to provide responsive construction management services to drive productivity and improve profitability. Our consultants embed comprehensive…

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  • Systems and processes

    Systems and processes

    We optimize business systems and processes to create solid management frameworks to reduce time wasted and maximize efficiency. Improving organisational…

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  • Cost Management

    Cost Management

    Our cost management services provide clarity on expenditure, so informed financial decisions can be made. Allowing projects to be delivered…

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  • Primavera Schedule Reviews

    Primavera Schedule Reviews

    Our team will perform primavera schedule reviews to highlight specific problem areas on projects. Creating what-if schedule scenarios or recovery…

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  • Gap Analysis

    Gap Analysis

    We assist organizations to review their operations, management teams and systems using gap analysis to identify areas of the business…

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  • Productivity


    Monitoring productivity is critical to the success of any project, so we create baselines for both cost and schedule prior…

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  • Software Products

    Software Products

    We select and implement a wide range of software products for customers. Providing quality advice and support on new and…

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  • Business Improvement

    Business Improvement

    Our business improvement services make company’s more streamlined and efficient to improve profitability. Creating dynamic business environments to help businesses…

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